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From the maker of CARDS VS. DICE - Strategically Lucky.
Crowns™ is a lightweight, corn-free, indoor/outdoor tossing game that’s perfect for close-quarters, allowing you to play it anywhere.

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Crowns™ is a lightweight, corn-free, indoor/outdoor tossing game that’s perfect for close-quarters, allowing you to play it anywhere. In this game, players take turns tossing silver or gold bottle caps (called Crowns) into opposing buckets in a race to 24 points. It’s that simple!  With score multipliers, cancellation scoring, and tricky to toss Crowns, the game isn't over until it's over. Master your tossing technique if you want to defeat your opponent.

2 Players • Ages 12 and Up
2 Minutes to Learn • 20 Minutes to Play

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The Gear:*
(x2) Metal Buckets (x2) Plastic Stadium Cups (x24) Crown Bottle Caps

The Setup:
Buckets are placed 8 feet apart (6 feet for beginners) with the handle lying towards the player standing behind it. Players choose a Crown color (gold or silver) and take position behind opposite buckets. Each player has a cup with 12 Crowns: 11 regular and 1 black.

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The Goal:
All you have to do is reach 24 points (12 points for beginners) or more before you opponent does, but keep in mind cancellation scoring is in effect.

The Play:
Player 1 starts by tossing three Crowns, one at a time, at the opposing bucket. Then Player 2 tosses three Crowns, one at a time, at his opposing bucket. This back and forth continues until all Crowns have been tossed. You may toss the Black Crown, which counts as one of your three tosses, at any time during the match as long as it is your turn. All throws must take place standing behind your bucket line (think of it like the line in bowling). You may toss Crowns any way you see fit.

The Score:
Cancellation Scoring is in effect, meaning if during a round, for example, Player 1 scores 7 points and Player 2 scores 5 points, Player 1 is awarded the balance of 2 points. All Crowns, including the Black Crown, count as one point. If you get the Black Crown in, it acts as a x2 multiplier of all Crowns you have in the bucket, including itself, at the end of the round. If the Black Crown is the only Crown in the bucket at the end of your round, it counts as 2 points and is not a multiplier. It’s possible to win in the first round if one player scores 0 Crowns and the other player scores all 12 Crowns, totaling 24 points.

What's a Point?
For a Crown to count as a point, it must not hit anything other than the bucket on its way in. No bouncing off walls, other players, the floor, or anything else. A Crown that sits on the rim of the bucket does not count, but will count if knocked into the bucket on a subsequent toss. The Crown must be completely in, and stay in, the bottom of the bucket to count as a point. Any Crowns that bounce out of the bucket do not count as points.

The Switch:
If after both players have exhausted their Crowns and neither is at 24 points after cancellation scoring, players take their plastic cups (leave the pails where they are) and switch sides. Be sure to tally your score according to cancellation scoring rules and record them on a piece of paper. They pick up all 12 of their own tossed Crowns and the next round begin. Players alternate tossing first with each round.

The Nitty Gritty:
a). If you’re winding up for a toss and a Crown fumbles or slips out of your hand, it’s still a toss. b). Crowns accidentally dropped before throwing motion are not tossed and may be retrieved. Accidental drops and fumbled Crowns can become a bit of a grey area, so use honesty and honor when discussing with your opponent if your drop was legitimate or not. c). If you step over the bucket line (foul line) during a toss, it still counts as a toss and if a point was scored it must be removed from the bucket and placed on the ground. d). If you toss more than your allowed three Crowns per turn, they still count as tossed and if a point was scored it must be removed from the bucket and placed on the ground.

Tournament Play:
Same rules apply. The only difference is players must win 2 out of 3 games.

*The Gear - Official Tournament Specification: • (x2) 2qt. Metal Bucket (30-gauge thick) w/ bail handle ( 5.26” H. x 5.25” W. top x  4.50” W. bottom ) NET WT. 8oz • (x24) 26 mm tin plated steel crown caps w/ liner (11 Gold, 11 Silver, 2 Black) • (x2) 8oz. Plastic Stadium Cup (3.125” H.)